Memorial Day

Monday, May 30 2016

Today, I’m off from work to make a four day weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday in Eau Claire with Ben, Abby, Erin, Megan and Ryan (and Sammy) to be with Ben before his biopsy. Yesterday, had a play date with Jennie and Fletch over at their temporary place. Jennie made a taco bar with soy chorizo and a delicious spiced vegetable and bean saute. Watched the Revenant this weekend and spent some evening hours just resting on the couch and listening to summer outside our living room window.

This morning, Brynn and I went to Fort Snelling Cemetery  to see their Memorial Day Parade. I did not know they also had a program with remarks from Amy Klobuchar and formal prayer service. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Memorial Day program like it, at least not that I can remember. Weather was perfect. Sunny with a few clouds that rolled through. Blue sky and enough tree cover for us to find a shady spot among the crowd. We laid out two picnic blankets, ate snacks and blue bubbles. Covered Brynn in sunscreen. Then she carried that sweet lotion smell. We snuggled and finally, when the program was over, walked with the stroller back near the car where we sat down to eat our lunch that I’d packed in a cooler. Brynn did not eat tahini and blueberry jam on rye bread. However she did play with the carrot water and feed me blueberries.

On our way into the house after we got back, she started to sass and hit. I put her on time out in her crib and thought she might – after crying a bit – zonk out for her nap. She’s still crying though and my will is weakening! Think I might have to go console her and try again for her nap but this time with the book routine. I know when I go in there she will be hot and her hair will be all matted down from her tears! Yesterday she fell asleep for nap the exact same way. Ufda!

Justin works today which is why he was not with us. Heather had Amos Friday. My folks are in Russia. Sammie is watching Maggie and brought her to Rosie. Rachel and Kyle are moving into his folks’ place until the move north. Brynn turned two last week!


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